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KvAtom: OpenGL game engine

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Kvark's Reality Interface system was born in order to provide a platform for the easy virtual world creation. It uses OpenGL as an underlying protocol providing a programmer the access to high-level terms like Model, Material, RenderTarget, Animation, etc with ease.
  • Drawing in OpenGL using GLSL-programmed pipeline.
  • Loading models from ms3d & model files and whole scenes from 3ds files. Model and hierarchy can be set up pogrammaticly as well. Only tga textures are supported at the moment, but it's no problem to add dxf,obj,bmp,png and even jpeg support if needed.
  • Blender exporter to the native model format.
  • Extensible modular architecture allowing easy modification and improvement.
  • Storing model data in Vertex Buffer Objects. Other visible objects may use Display Lists for faster drawing.
  • Drawing to arbitrary off-screen textures (Render Targets) for intermediate resources using Framebuffer Objects or Pixel Buffers.
  • Dynamic Shader Combining ability provides an easy way to customize your shading methods.
  • Parallax Mapping using original method on top of Tangent-Space Normal Mapping.
  • Universal Lightning and Shadowing approach allowing unlimited number of lights in real-time. Projected lights use simple Shadow Maps while omni-directional lights involve Dual-Paraboloid mapping.
  • True High Dynamic Range output using extremely fast pipeline with eyes accommodation.
  • Animations: Skinning in software (loaded from MS3D), Spatial transformations (translating, rotation, scaling).
  • Game objects sharing (Textures, Materials, Data Buffers, Shaders, etc) with safe pointer handing.
  • Gravi - simple 2D big blast physical simulator.
  • Light - projected light with shadow demo.
  • Mandel - shader-computed Mandelbrot set demo with navigation.
  • Parallax - natural Parallax-mapped cube.
  • Warrior - space simulator game.
    Common controls:
  • SW,AD,QE - rotate in X,Y,Z axises
  • Z,X - move backward / forward
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